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Galleria at BIG Industry Show Denver 2014

Get up close personal with some of the world's most well respected glass artists.

Galleria at BIG Industry Show Denver 2014 from BIG INDUSTRY SHOW on Vimeo.


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BIG Industry Show 2014 Highlights

YAHOO FINANCE - 2014 BIG Industry Show, Galleria Glass Exhibition and High Times US Cannabis Cup Declared Record-breaking Success and Cited as Premier 420 Lifestyle Event

DENVER, May 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2014 BIG Industry Show, Galleria glass exhibition and High Times US Cannabis Cup has been hailed as an enormous success by its organizers. The BIG Industry Show broke a number of its own records, cementing its position as the leading 420 lifestyle event in the US.

Held in the Denver Mart on April 16 thru 20, following a change of venue due to massive demand for tickets, the 2014 event was attended by some 50,000 delegates – a huge increase over the 10,000 people who attended the 2013 event.

The 2014 BIG Industry Show included record numbers of exhibitors and also featured a huge range of new and innovative crossover partnerships, such as its first ever tattoo exhibition, the Dunkxchange sneaker and streetwear show and the thought-provoking graffiti installation. Organizers at BIG commented at the conclusion of the event:

"We are thrilled to have run such a successful event and would like to thank all those who have played a role in bringing this leading celebration of the 420 lifestyle to Colorado. The massive attendance figures have shown us just how current and in demand events like this are. We've been left feeling truly inspired to start planning the 2015 event, which we are determined will be even bigger, better and more innovative!"

The BIG Galleria glass exhibition also included another first in 2014, with April 18 seeing a canned goods drive take place in aid of Denver's homeless population. The organizers gathered boxes of cans throughout the day, which will be distributed to Denver's homeless thanks to the organizers' ethos of giving something back to the community that made their event feel so welcome.

While the BIG team will no doubt be taking a short and very well-deserved break in order to rest and enjoy their success before moving on to next year's event, there's no doubt that the planning for 2015 will soon begin in earnest. With a team this creative and innovative behind the scenes, there's no doubt that whatever next year's show brings, it will be set to attract even more delegates and reconfirm the event's leading role in the US's 420 lifestyle sector.

A special thanks to leading brand Formula 420 for setting standards in the industry for nearly two decades. Always innovating and trendsetting, we salute you.

Source: Yahoo Finance